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Tools for elearning Development

Tool Features
Adobe Captivate Its core strength is creating software demos and simulations. Provides ability to edit screen captures. It has grown into a rich multimedia tool with animation features and PowerPoint conversion.
Adobe Connect A Webinar platform that allows for robust interactions with audience members. It also has a solid management component that can act as a light LMS.
Adobe Presenter A PowerPoint to eLearning conversion tool at its core. Can be used in conjunction with Adobe Connect to create and manage self-paced lessons.
Articulate Storyline Built for scenario-based learning, it comes with character packs to use as images for case studies. Very robust tool, with programming capabilities that can create complex branching that responds to learner choices.
Articulate Studio PowerPoint to eLearning conversion tool with simple branching. The tool set also includes Engage for creating a variety of interactions; and Quizmaker for developing quizzes.
TechSmith Camtasia Screen-scraping technology that creates software demos (not simulations). Difficult to edit. Revisions often require re-doing the demo from scratch. But, easier to learn than Captivate for a quick demo.
Lectora Very robust tool with programming capabilities. Used when client requires more customized output, such as a personalized development plan or courses that mimic their Web site. Smaller pool of skilled authors and higher hourly rate than other tools, but it excels where other tools hit their limit. Excellent for clients who want test banks and randomization.
Udutu Free online tool for building HTML-based courses. Client can edit their courses without buying an expensive tool. Creates fairly simplistic page-turning courses.
* All tools have basic quiz/testing capabilities.
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